Top Shelf Vegan Eats 😘🍆



There are lots of glossy vegan food blogs out there with their raw gilded kale and rose infused alfalfa sprouts. I do love that fancy shit, but the last thing I feel like doing after a long day and a 35 minute tube journey nestled in a random man’s sweaty armpit is to spend 5 hours getting all ruffled in a steamy kitchen.

Sometimes you just want something quick cheapish and dirty. That’s where I come in.

Vegan food isn’t all leaves and lentils. You can still create simple, super tasty eats that don’t look like something I’d feed my rabbit.

I’ll be sharing cheeky recipes and food foraged from the urban wild that tastes like dreams in an unashamed attempt to entice.

Not vegan? Neither are the people I culinarily attack. Hear no holds barred opinions from my flexitarian boyfriend (see: Ludz Is Flexin’) and my veggie flatmate Simon (see: Is Simo Vegan Yet?).

Anyway, I’ll leave the waffle for the recipe page 😉 (…you’ve just unfollowed me haven’t you?).

Keep it dirty.




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