Did A Meet: Team SpiceBox

The festive twinkly lights are out in LondonΒ (ok, so I know most shops have had their decs up since June, but lets forget that and get into the spirit) and, most importantly, so are the Christmas market food stalls!

We had a call though on the DV-phone inviting us to visit Southbank Winter Market and try out SpiceBox’s new Dosa Waffle; a combo of epic proportions featuring the fine form of a savoury Belgian style waffle crossed with the super spice of Indian Street Food, more affectionately known as…


If there’s a better name for a food stuff I want to hear it. Answers on a postcard please.

We were greeted by doffle crafting maestro Ernie and S.B HQ gal Sareta. The air was icy, but hearts were warmed by the tale of SpiceBox’s rise and bellies were warmed by steamy doffle goodness (Ssh, it’s Christmas, I’m allowed to be cheesy).


We chatted with Sareta about the birth of SpiceBox and it’s founder Grace’s amazing journey from Silicon Valley to the London Vegan Street food scene. Also, about other pressing vegan topics of the moment such as ‘is it ok to support omni restaurants with vegan options’, the connotations of ‘plant based’ and, vitally, what to put on our Christmas cheeseboard! (Gotta try out Tyne Cheeses and Raw Food Rosie’s)


As Ernie worked his doffley magic, he talked us through the Dosa Waffle. It’s basically a vegan and gluten free Belgian style waffle made with a dosa batter of fermented rice and lentil flour available in three different variations:

  • Keralan Cabbage Thoran: stir-fried shredded cabbage with lime and coconut
  • Jackfruit Tikka: pulled jackfruit in spiced marinade
  • Masala PotatoΒ and Peas: spiced with mustard seeds, curry leaves and cumin

Obviously, had to try all three toppings on one! The flavours were amazing and really complimented each other. It was like a full Indian feast squeezed onto a little waffly round. May fave was the jackfruit – chunky little morsels nicely spiced. Ludz’s disagreed – his bag was the potato and peas, it’s fine we’re all different. The doffle itself was fresh, crunchy on the outside and joyfully fluffy on the inside.


If you want to join the cool new doffle crowd, head to SpiceBox’s Southbank Winter market stall throughout the festive season and get your little mittens on one!




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