📍Vegan-ing In… Barcelona, Spain 🇪🇸

December birthdays are a bit of a bitch.

Unless you flee to the Spanish coast.

Then, I guess, they’re a bit of a beach…


Ludz, being the beaut that he is, surprised me with a cheeky birthday trip – we’d first hit up Barcelona before catching a train down to Valencia

We arrived in Barcelona pretty late on Friday night and were faced with the fun task of finding vegan food post midnight, resulting in a fine picnic of fries, limp lettuce and a packet of olives.

I’ll spare you the sorry pic.

Thankfully, this was to be the only disappointing meal of the trip.

The next day, armed with a list of recommendations from our awesome DV instagram followers, we hit the town in search of edible treasures.


📍 Carrer de la Bòria, 17, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

First meal of the trip, and we were all about bagging bangin’ burgers so decided to check out burger hot spot CatBar.

I had the Black Cat – Bean Burger in a Bread Roll with Garlic Veganaise, Aubergine, Lettuce Tomato and Caramalised Onion.


Ludz went for the Champion – Veggie Burger in a Bread Roll with Miso Veganaise, Grilled Mushrooms, Rocket, Tomato and Red Onion.


We also scored a side of Patatas Bravas with Garlic Veganaise.


The burgers were pretty decent. I did prefer Ludz’s Champion to my Black Cat. The patatas bravas were crackin’ though, could have eaten them all day! Good for a quick junk fix.

DV Rating:  3 out of 5 Aubergines 

🍆  🍆  🍆



📍 Carrer de Sant Pau, 110, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

One of Ludz’s mates enthusiastically recommended that we check out Mexican El Pachuco. It’s a tiny place so we had to queue for a little while but, damn, it was worth the wait! While there were no vegan options on the menu, the super friendly staff were quick to point out the veggie options that could be veganized.

Normally, I’d be hesitant to recommend a place with no clear vegan options but the food was incredible!

We shared the guacamole and chips, the guac was killer. Super fresh and insanely tasty.


I had the Tostadas – Crunchy Tortillas with Beans, Guac and Pico De Gallo (minus tinga, cheese and sour cream) The portions were HUGE. Sounds like a simple combo but the freshness and flavours were on point. Plus, that shit was stacked to the roof with topping!


It’d be rude not to sink a couple of mezcals before leaving so we boshed ’em down and floated back to our hotel in a happy haze – Food induced? Mezcal induced? Gonna say a bit of both.

Brunch & Cake By The Sea

📍 Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 5, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Birthday morning. We lined up somewhere a little faaaancy.

Brunch & Cake is a cute spot by the beach. Seemed like a pretty popular place too as we did have to queue. Everyone seemed groomed to perfection, felt a little like we’d stumbled into a model casting call!

Once in, I had a soy milk beetroot latte for my caffeine fix.


It’s not entirely vegan but had a good range of (vg) options. I ordered the Avo Toast and, guys, it was a bit wild! I didn’t know whether to consume it or frame it. I did particularly enjoy the mashed avocado, pomegranate and sweetcorn situation, definitely gonna re-make that at home.


I glanced around and witnessed all manner of colourful plates and gravity defying food sculptures. A must if you’re all about a strong food ‘gram game!

DV Rating:  3 out of 5 Aubergines 

🍆  🍆  🍆


All too suddenly it was time to jump on a train and bomb along the coast to our next stop, Valencia!

Spanish Birthday Bonanza :  To be continued…


📍Find this, and more dirty eats on the DV interactive A to V Map



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