📍Vegan-ing In… Valencia, Spain 🇪🇸

It’s time for Part Dos of our slightly epic Spanish adventure.

Last week we left you on a cliff hanger as we hurtled along the Spanish coast on a high speed train.

Would we make it to Valencia?

Would we find anything vegan??

Would we end up foraging street oranges from the trees???

Read on to find out…

Ok so – spoiler alert – we survived on a train buffet of ready salted crisps and beer long enough to make it to Valencia. As it was officially the day of my birth we decided to throw our stuff in the hotel room and hastily hunt down some fine vegan foods.



📍 Gran Via del Marqués del Túria, 58, 46005 València, Spain

First veganing was NomÏt Restaurante Hamburguesería or NomÏt to his friends. It was a super chilled out and friendly atmosphere which is just what we needed after a long journey.

The menu was a bit more refined than our usual junk but offered good hearty comfort food which went down really well after braving the chilly weather outside.

We scored a tasty little starter of Croquettes with Vegetables and Cheese.



I then went for the Lasagne – Mushroom and Curry Tempeh Lasagne with Bechamel.


The sauce was incredibly rich and creamy which buddied up well with the earthy mushrooms. The curry addition surprised me but it really did work.


Ludz had Thai Arroz – Wok Fried Thai Veg and Marinaded Tofu with Basmati Rice and Salsa Verde.


The flavours of this bad boy were pretty bangin’. The salsa verde added a wild little touch! Really enjoyed the marinaded tofu bits too.


I really wanted to bosh some chocolate cake. My heart said yes but my belly said ‘nah we’re full mate, no one else is coming in.’

All in all a canny little place for a BDay feast.

DV Rating:  3+ out of 5 Aubergines 

🍆  🍆  🍆➕



📍 Carrer de Pere III el Gran, 26, 46005 València, Spain

We awoke with the birds, watched a glorious sunrise and decided to find a quaint little spot for breakfast.

Ok fine, we got plastered on sangria the night before, stumbled out of bed at a time that could barely be classed as lunch and went on a bleary eyed hunt for food to make the world right again. I regret nothing.

Jardin Urbano or Urban Garden is exactly that. The restaurant is a quirky secret garden off the streets of Valencia. I walked in tentatively, slowly pushing back vines, half expecting a tiger to jump out on me. Ok that’s an exaggeration, it did have pretty cool indoor plants though.

We shared a few tapas bits:

Calzone – Dough Filled with Mashed Potato and Veg


Toast with Tomato


Faina – Chickpea dough with Veg, Tomato and Cheese



Everything tasted super fresh and delicious. The Tomato Toast in particular was so simple yet an absolute lad!

One thing I’ve noticed about vegan-ing around the globe is it’s sometimes hard to find food authentic to the country (I mean we only just got a vegan pie and mash shop in London!). Jardin Urbano gave us a nice little taste of vegan Valencia.

DV Rating:  3 out of 5 Aubergines 

🍆  🍆  🍆




📍 Carrer dels Cavallers, 45, 46001 València, Spain

Final day in Valencia and after stumbling upon an abandoned Formula 1 track, we decided to race back to the centre for a refuelling pit stop…

I was very excited about trying this place. It had been too long (approx 18 hours) since my last burger and I needed my fix.

I couldn’t resist the Kohala Mex – Veggie Burger, Cheese, Pico De Gallo, Nachos, Avocado, Lettuce and Spicy Chilli.


Ok, so who’s the genius who decided to basically put a taco in a burger? You, my friend, win at life! This combo was like a dream in a sesame bap. I strongly considered throwing out my clothes and filling my suitcase with them.

Ludz went for the Kawai Burger – Veggie Burger, Cheese, Avocado, Onion, Lettuce, Tomato and Mustard Sauce.


He was also a bloody tasty burger, though my heart was racing for my Mexican love.

We also had a couple of cheeky sides – Aloha Chips and Keiki Nuggets


The nuggets were hot and satisfying. The Northern in me wanted fatter chips but these crispy wonders were seasoned amazingly.


The place is tiny but don’t let that put you off, perfect excuse for a picnic in the park. Just make sure you say Aloha to Aloha if you’re ever in Valencia.

DV Rating:  4 out of 5 Aubergines 

🍆  🍆  🍆 🍆


Disclaimer: No street oranges were picked in the making of this blog post


📍Find this, and more dirty eats on the DV interactive A to V Map


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