Did An Eat : The Brook, UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§


Previously Sussex residents, The Brook have flown the nest to settle in Hackney, vegan capital of London. When a new kid moves to town it’s only kind to drop by and welcome them to the neighbourhood. Simo and I headed on down to say hi, take along a fruit basket/pot plant and partake in a spot of the tasty stuff.

The decor is supercool yet the place has such a chilled out and friendly atmosphere. The weekend was looming and you’ve gotta kick it off in the right way so obvs cocktails happened…

I had a XOCOLATL – reposado tequila, coffee tequila liqueur, liquid chocolate, cayenne pepper & chilli – a cheeky mix of my all time favourite things – and it was spot on. Also, so many bonus points for the steel straws guys!


The menu was a tapas situation so we ordered a few dishes. Most of which were recommended by the super friendly waitress. Here’s the low down:





Tofish Bites with Beer-Battered & Served with Homemade Tartar Sauce.



The powers of virtuous and naughty combined to create a damn epic feast. Guac ball indulgence was instantly redeemed with a health-filled beetball lettuce taco chaser.

The whole lot was pretty banging but my best bits had to be the Jackfruit Quesadillas and the Satay Skewers (which tasted unnervingly like the real deal!)

Simon said the Tofish was so amazing that, even if he found out halfway that it was made from [word omitted for decency], he’d still eat it.


Honestly, we both could have happily sat there all night summoning dish after dish like greedy little emperors.

I know, I know… there are tons of places to eat vegan in Hackney but I definitely recommend putting that 600th Temple Burger on hold to check this place out!

DV Rating: Β 4+Β out of 5 AuberginesΒ 

πŸ† Β πŸ† Β πŸ† Β πŸ†Β  βž•


πŸ“Find this, and more dirty eats on my interactive A to V Map


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