Did An Eat: Dirty Vegan, London, UK ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง

The guys behind Dirty Bones Shoreditch invited us to a tasting session for their new plant-inspired comfort food concept, Dirty Vegan.

We’re obviously getting a reputation for being the some of the dirtiest vegans in town and we’re so down with that!


We chatted with DB’s Ed about the inspo behind the menu. He explained that the aim was to create indulgent plant-based comfort food that tasted as good as their most popular dishes.


After couple of cheeky cocktails to gear up, we got stuck right into the dirty action.


For a ‘lil welcoming taster, Ludz and I were presented with a cute little plate of Vegyoza to demolish. A wild combination of black bean, quinoa & toasted pecan veggie burger patty mix (!) lay inside home made dumplings which conversed with little blobs of signature burger sauce. I know, it sounds like an abomination but it was actually a strangely tasty combo.

I’d love a second date with that burger patty mix in it’s true form.ย ๐Ÿ”


Next up, the starter. A tempting trio of:

Pardon Peppers sprinkled with Maldon salt.

Buffalo Aubergine Wings – Fried Aubergine half moons tossed in coconut oil & agave buffalo hot sauce served with almond yoghurt ranch dressing.

Mac Balls – Fried panko balls stuffed with mac ‘n’ pasilla chilli & cashew cheese topped with sweet chilli sauce.

I could seriously be a competitive pardon pepper eater I love that shit. Both Ludz and I agreed that the Buffalo wings were a winner and neither of us are fans of aubergine. The ranch dressing was a true banger, I could have downed a bottle of it. Obvs the Mac balls went down a treat.


Time for the main event. Cauliflower Fried ‘Chicken’ served on a bed of freshly baked Buckwheat Waffles with a shot of maple syrup and a grilled lemon squared up against Mac ‘n’ Cashew Cheese topped with toasted almond breadcrumbs.

At ringside we had a Gem Lettuce Salad topped with radishes, avo, savoury mixed granola with green-goddess vinaigrette and Grilled Cucumbers served in a yellow mustard BBQ sauce.

I do like seitan but it was refreshing to have a Cauli based wing, it was much lighter so I could fit more in! The waffle was actually really airy too and the combination of maple syrup and grilled lemon was justย ๐Ÿ‘Œย The creamy mac and cheese was a perfect partner in crime.

The sides added an element of green-ness and health. The dressing and granola on the salad were amazing.


The thing about set menus is, even if you’re at the point of explosion, you have to find a way to stuff in dessert. The Chocolate Pudding was my first taste of a tofu based dessert and I bloody loved it.


It’s clear that these guys know their comfort food and put care into creating a menu to treat vegans and tempt omnis.

Sadly, the pop up sessions are now over but you can sign up to hear about their next event on the Dirty Vegan website.

Plus, if there’s enough demand, they might just have to go fully veganย ๐Ÿ˜




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