📍Vegan-ing In… Venice, Italy 🇮🇹

Eating a f-ton of junk food is undoubtedly a killer way to live life, but you’ve gotta balance it out with a bit of health.

I don’t know about you, but my athlete motivation is pretty poor without a focus. I read an article about the Venice Moonlight Half Marathon and thought it would be a nice juicy goal to train for. Stretched partially along a moonlit beach, it looked like the most romanic course ever so I thought ‘fuck it, let’s do a run in Venice.’

Simo is always keen for an athletic excursion so came along for a spot of 21k fun.

Plus, of course, we’re gonna need to carb up on the finest vegan bites on The Floating City!



📍 Strada Nova, 4383, 30121 Cannaregio, Venezia VE, Italy

‘High quality, healthy, and traditionally contemporary’ is the concept of Bella & Brava. They’re a pesc-y, veggie place but offer a range of vegan doughy wonders. You can sit in but, with the incredible surrounding views, I recommend taking your pizza for a walk!

Both Simo and I boshed down a mighty fine fresh Vegetariana – Pizza with Tomato, Aubergines, Courgettes, Peppers and Soya Cheese Substitute.

Be sure to wash it down with their crackin’ mild craft ale! 🍻




📍 Campo drio la Chiesa, 30121 Venezia VE, Italy

We found Fiumefreddo Bio on a little square hiding away from the busy Rialto. The owners were super friendly and showed us to a charming outdoor table.

The menu is veggie/vegan and the vegan options are clearly marked. If you’ve had your fill of pizza/pasta (is that even possible?) this is the place to be!

Simo went for the Parmagiana – Baked aubergines and Tofu Sauce on a bed of Rocket.


I opted for Quinoa Balls and Veg.


Our waiter smirked as I ran around spinning plates like an accidental circus act while I tried to snap insta worthy shots against rustic exposed walls.

When we finally got down to the eating, the food was imaginative and delicious!

It doesn’t end there… we had vegan deserts, guys! 🤩

Chocolate cake with pear and ginger aaaaand…


Blueberry and Raspberry Cream pie!


The setting was kinda dreamy so we stayed to enjoy a vegan beer or six while listening to a live band which happened to be rocking out in the next square. From the food to the Foo Fighters covers, it was banging all night long!


📍Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 1342, 30122 Venezia VE, Italy

Part veggie/vegan eatery, part whole food shop, Le Spighe offers plates of ready to eat salady, beany goodness by weight. Each serving is predetermined and balanced, to give you the stuff that you need to be a functioning person (well, as much as food can). Probably not for you if you prefer options, but pretty tasty for a quick lunch in IMO.



📍Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 1342, 30122 Venezia VE, Italy

If you visit Venice you HAVE to grab an ice cream from Suso Gelatoteca. Seriously, forget that gondola ride. This is the good shit right here!


Look at that gondolier, can’t keep his hungry eyes off my sweet thang!

A few tips…

My knowledge of the Italian language is very basic and mainly consists of words from Sebastian Vettel’s post race celebrations. There’s only so far ‘Grazie Mille, Forza Ferrari’ will get you. Thankfully, most restaurants are pretty clued up on dietary requirements – they often display a card to indicate this. ‘Vegano’ is a useful word to know!

Bruschetta without mozzarella makes a great brunch. Best to double check but it’s usually just bread, garlic, olive oil and diced tomato with basil.


Of course, being Italy, you can get pasta on every corner. Check that the pasta itself is free from egg and get yourself a little pomodoro or arrabiata.


I found this gem of an olive spread in the coop supermarket. They do a few veggie pates which are great for a beach picnic and a break from hummus (as if anyone ever wants that).


Race day. I’m not going to lie, we started out in 27 degree heat so the run was fucking tough. The whole thing was made slightly easier by the fact that, in the days preceding,  I’d stuffed my face with so much food to get the old energy levels up!

I didn’t quite smash my PB but totally smashed a whole load of awesome Venetian chow  🤷


Grazie mille to @afatgirltravels, @jordie_veg, @sarahlouisemayne and @dharmalioness for your bene Venice recommendations! 😚👌

✈ Next Stop:🤷


📍Find this, and more dirrrrrrrty eats on the DV interactive A to V Map


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  1. Paolo says:

    Well done on completing your run. Please don’t be tempted by the vegan menu at Mario Della Fava (close by the Rialto). It’s vegan alright, but it’s also a rip-off tourist trap. There are branches of GROM around the city that sell killer sorbets and water ices. Enjoy the most beautiful city in the world!

    1. Thank you! Cheers also for the heads up. We’ll definitely be heading back as it’s a stunning place so will remember that!

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