DV x The Vegan Larder

We were lucky enough to be sent one of the FIRST EVER subscription boxes from the super sweet gals at The Vegan Larder!

Their mission is to make vegan cooking and eating delicious, easy and fun by tracking down and taste testing the best products from smaller ethical brands. Sounds like a tough jobΒ πŸ˜‰

Sign up and each month you’ll receive a monthly discovery box of edible delights and kitchen cupboard wonders to inspire you to do makes!


We’re all about easy makes and treats. Basically, munch on the tasty little snacks while whipping up a storm in the kitchen with the awesome ingredients.

We made the Kimchi Tofu Scramble using ourΒ Pao Pop ‘N’ Pickles Kimchee following the recipe on The Vegan Lader’s site and it was in.cred. Definitely our favourite scramble recipe to date!


If you like food based surprises (who doesn’t?!) check out The Vegan Larder site and grab their latest box!




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