DV x The Birds, Leytonstone: New Vegan Menu


Like most stereotypical Brits, we never refuse an invitation to the boozer so when The Birds asked us to come along to their Vegan Menu Tasting Party of course we donned our favourite sparkly items and headed to Leytonstone to join in the bants.


The table decor was super cute. I’ve never thought about making salt and pepper shakers out of beer bottles but it’s damn inspired.


The menu was a ‘who’s who’ of your favourite junk. From burgers to dirty fries it featured all the fan favourites.


Both Ludz and I agreed, the Salt and Pepper Tempura Cauliflower was killer. When offered a second plate I politely declined with tears in my eyes. I would have quite happily devoured another ten plates but knew I had to save space for the feast that awaited.


Oh you naughty lot, trying to sneak a salad in for health.

Ohhh-Kayyy 🀷

Super Salad with Kale, Red Onion, Pear, Walnuts, Mixed Beans, Truffle Oil and Mustard Dressing. A tasty way to bump up your 5 a day. Especially loved the truffly dressing on this lad.


In between courses, beer buff Michael gave a run down of the perfectly paired beer which tagged along with each dish.


The food kept coming! Next up, we devoured a gloriously humungous plate of Dirty Fries with Fakeon, Chilli, Spring Onions, Pickled Chilli and Pickle Chilli Mayo…


…then a Chickenish Burger with Garlic Mayo, Rocket, Tomato, Pickle, Fakeon and Crispy Seitan…


… followed by Truffle Mac ‘n’ Cheese with Fakon and Chives… *takes deep breath*


… aaaand a Beefless Burger, Soy Patty, Tomato, Pickle, Onions, Avo and Cheese Sauce…


Even just writing about it all is giving me a flashback food coma!!

It doesn’t end there, the night was rounded off with Bite Size Snickers, Bounties, and Caramel Truffles served with a dark and mysertious Coffee Porter.


While we all sat back and justified the night’s calorie carniage with the presence of a kale salad 😝, folk band The Thumping Tommys played us out with a rendition of Cotton Eye Joe. Memories of downing a pint of Sunny Delight at the school disco, (why did anyone ever drink that stuff?) running to the dance floor and swinging around like a MF in a cloud of lynx, impulse and glitter flooded back.

All in all an amazing night was had. Thanks so much for the invite, guys!

The Birds vegan menu is now live so head along and let ’em know what you think!

Will defs be back for buckets of that Salt & Pepper Cauli! 🀀




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