Did An Eat: Cod Fellas, Peckham, UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

Peckham chippie Cod Fellas’ faux fish dish came with a very enthusiastic recommendation so of course we had to check that shit out.

Leave those fishies in the water. Catch of the day is Tofish!

The staff are super lovely plus the owners are really keen to expand their vegan options. They asked us to try a couple of little veggie nuggets that they’d been working on Β while we waited for the main event.


The Tofish arrived and, on first bite, I had one of those moments where I paused in fear… did a real fish accidentally swim into my order?? But no, I was just fooled by the remarkable taste and texture.


You’ve gotta get the whole whack so I opted for a classic tofish, chip and mushy pea combo. Being a Northern, I’ve found it hard to find a London chippie that matches the standards of those in the Toon but this baby really hit the spot!


What would you like to see on the menu?Β Personally, I’d enjoy a nice battered lindy sausage.

The Cod Fellas fellas are all ears for new ideas so get in touch via the CF website



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