DV x Minor Figures Coffee

A coffee package definitely ranks high on our favourite deliveries here at DV HQ so when Minor Figures sent us a caffeine care bundle it was a very happy day.


I’ve actually side glanced these little cans in Sainsbury’s before but assumed they weren’t vegan. How wrong I was. These cold brew wonders are actually all dairy free and have no added sugar. Health! (note: I’m not a dietician. For good reason.)

Like most normal people I didn’t bother reading the instructions before cracking one open and DISCLAIMER the opening sound is scary as shit.

That terrifying TSSSST (ok ,I’m exaggerating, it’s mildly surprising at worst) is the nitrogen widget that infuses the coffee with lil bubbles so it’s all creamy.

The awakening selection box contained three flavours:

  • Black – just coffee
  • Latte – Coffee + Oat M*lk
  • Mocha – Coffee + Oat M*lk + Cocoa


My fave was defs the mocha cos, coffee… chocolate… I just want it all.


The smirking wall of Thom Yorke preferred the straight up black.

Check ’em out on the Minor Figures website and get your buzz on!



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