DV x Oslo, Hackney: New Vegan Options

Hackney venue, bar and restaurant Oslo have added a few vegan bites to their menu and invited us along to try ’em out.

We braved the baking London heat to acquire an ice cold pint and taste test a couple of vegan delights.


We arrived pretty damn hungry so grabbed some Rustic Bread and Oil to kick off.


I went for the Grรธn Salad – Broccoli Tempura with Edamame Beans, Baby Gem Lettuce, Avo, Cucumber, Candied Ginger and Coconut Vinaigrette.


How cool does that tempura look? Defs good for the ‘gram! It was a pretty tasty lad too.

The salad wasn’t a boring arrangement of leaves and health. The candied ginger and coconut vinaigrette gave it a really interesting flavour plus it was a fresh contrast to the crispy tempura.

I got a side of sweet potato fries too which was definitely not necessary but who can resist sweet potato fries?!

Ludz was naughty and got a veggie option so let’s not talk about that. Just gonna distract you from that information with another tasty tempura pic…


An Avo Tempura with Sweet Chilli starter also features on the menu which I’m sure would have been a tasty little snack to accompany a cheeky cold bezza.

It’s great to see more and more places adding vegan options. Basically, more opportunities to flaunt your plant based chow in front of your omni friends and make ’em jealous!

Check out their menu on the Oslo site.




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