DV x Jealous Sweets

I was SO ready for this jelly!

Our friends at Jealous SweetsΒ sent us a bunch of treats! We were lucky enough to bag a couple of packs of their gelatine, gluten and sugar-free sweets.

While indulging in a spot of alfresco lunch with friends at our local park – affectionately known as ‘DPP’ (Dog Poo Park) – Β the Jealous Sweets were whipped out for all to share. All too soonΒ an epic debate ensued and we were all split: Which sweet is the best? Fizzy Friends or Grizzly Bears?

Well, there’s only one way to find out.

Time for them both to go head to head in the ring.

Let’s sort this out once and for all in our new feature…

Confectionary Death Matchβ„’


In the ‘ted’ corner we have the Grizzly Bears, these sassy MF’s could take you down with their ‘resting bear face’ alone. Lemon, Apple, Orange and Strawberry combine forces like Power Rangers to create a fruity Megazord.Β “Initiate Grizzly Bear sequence!
Grizzly Bear Battle Mode!”


In the ‘obviously photoshopped’ corner we have the ferocious Fizzy Friends. Don’t let the name fool ya – Grapefruit and Peach lure you in with their tasty charms before delivering a surprise fizzy kick in the face!


Let’s have a good clean fight!

Ok… Of course I didn’t make the sweets fight. That shit would be very ‘not vegan’. Plus, they’re all good guys, so probably lovers not fighters.

Check out the plethora of alluring edibles that Jealous Sweets have to offer on their site!






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