DV x Tibits: New Menu Launch

Buffets. Part food frenzy, part creative project.

That oh so delicate art of creating a beautiful plate-based sculpture while trying to cram on as much edible goodness as humanly possible.

When the guys at Tibits asked us to come down to try their new Autumn menu we were excited to put our plating skills into action!


After battling a sudden violent downpour, the sight that greeted us was like a mirage of wonder.

So. Much. Food.

There’s definitely something for everyone!Β Veggie and Vegan options are clearly marked.


I took a deep breath and began to assemble a plate with care, precision and some badass balancing skills.

To list everything on this epic banquet would give me finger cramp so I’ll refrain but highlights = the super rich Seitan Bourguignon and theΒ Vegetable Tatar.Β πŸ’–


I did a lil desert art too.


What do you think? Masterpiece or Disaster-piece? Feel free to ‘Rate My Plate’ in the comments and please send me your buffet based beauties!


Tibit’s Autumn menu is now LIVE! Unless you’re reading this a few months later. In which case, it probably won’t be… but go anyway cos Tibits is banging.




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