DV x Biff’s Jack Shack : Boxpark Moving In Party

We love to see our fave’s absolutely killing it so we were super stoked to hear that Biff’s Jack Shack  have secured a fancy new digs in Boxpark, Shoreditch. The Jack Shack is the UK’s FIRST EVER jackfruit based fast food restaurant! 😲🙌

We were honoured to be invited to their Shack warming party and, as always, crazy excited to get our faces in the junk!

The menu is packed full of old faves and new recruits guaranteed to tantalise and satisfy.


Ludz went for the epic Burger League Hall of Fame-er The Samuel Hell Jackson – Jackfruit Burger, Chipotle Slaw, Maple Chipotle, Jalapeños, American Cheeze and BBQ sauce.

GUYS, THERE WAS POUTINE. Quite possibly the tastiest fries ever to exist in the history of the world! Allumettey Potato joy topped with Cheeze Curds, Porcini Mushroom Gravy, Gnarly Seitan Bacon and Toasted Seeds. I love it so much I could cry thinking about it.

You can’t go to Biff’s gaff and not order Wings so we shared The Bang Wings – Cinnamon sweet chilli, miso mayo, toasted nuts, crispy shallots, coriander,


I went rogue and tried The Big Jack – Jackfruit Patty, Biff’s Top Secret Burger Sauce, American Cheeze, Gherkins, Red Onion, Iceberg Lettuce, Tomato. Ronald just ain’t got shit on this bad boy.

We were super stuffed by this point but Biff kindly insisted we test drive a Mug Cake dessert and ho-lee marshmallow it was incredible!


Annoyingly, I can’t quite remember exactly what was in it but, by now, you’re probably throwing on semi appropriate attire to head to the shack and try the beauty for yourselves.

As always, everything was an absolute dream. Check out the Biff’s Jack Shack menu online for a bit of foreplay then get down to Boxpark and fill yourself with glorious junk.



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