DV x The Meet, London UK 🇬🇧

We were super excited to be invited along to chow down at Clapham’s FIRST vegan pop-up, The Meet!

Clearly shit reached ‘excitement overload’ to the point of losing control of my legs. As I pulled out my photo device to snap the outside of the building, I tripped, flew through the air with minimal grace and clattered down onto the pavement.



Ludz picked me up and I staggered into The Meet like a wounded bird. I have to say, The Meet guys were so damn lovely. Our hosts whipped out the first aid kit to patch up my wing, checked I was still a functioning human (well, as much as usual) and most importantly, handed me an epic cocktail menu.

To get over the shock and to numb the pain I ordered Rhubarb & Custard Martini – Vanilla Finlandia, Crème de Vanilla, Rhubarb Syrup, Cashew Milk. Without a doubt, this is one of the most delicious cocktails I’ve ever downed. A tasty little Rhubarb and Custard cloud swept me up and transported me to some kinda boozy heaven.


The chef insisted that we kick off with the ‘Give Me Wings’ – Bourbon, Maple & Sriracha Glazed Cauliflower florets topped with ‘Blue Cheese’. Holy Bourbon, these babies were incredible! The blue cheese was one of the most convincing fake cheeses I’ve tried. It’s on my next cheeseboard for sure!


I ordered the ‘Mc Who?’ Burger – Soya ‘Cheese’ Burger with The Meet’s special blend of herbs & spices, ‘Bacon’ Rashers, Onion Rings, Burger Sauce, Gherkins & Salad served in an artisan produced bun. As you can see, he was a tempting tower of trouble, one of those ‘how do I get my chops around that?’ kind of situations.


Ludz went for the ‘Tree Lover’ – Mushroom, Beetroot & White Bean Burger with Garlic & Tarragon ‘Mayo’, Red Onion Marmalade & Lollo Rosso also served in an artisan produced bun. Usually, I prefer a soya/seitan burger over a veggie patty but this burger was defs my fave out of the two.


We also boshed a ‘Mac Daddy’ – Mac & ‘Cheese’ with ‘Chorizo’ which was perfectly creamy and insanely tasty. Plus Cassava Chips, thick cut and dangerously morish!


As usual, there was absolutely no room for dessert so we went for an after dinner booze hit instead – an Old Fashioned Woodford Reserve, Angostura, Orange Angostura served SMOKIN’.


Both the munch and vibe were great so it was defs worth the trip (ha!) 🤕 and we shall be back.

Check out The Meet deets on their site.


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