DV x Town House @ The Kensington, London: New Vegan Menu

Hard to believe I know, but sometimes this Dirty V can get faaaaancy. To celebrate World Vegan Month, Town House at The Kensington is serving a new plant-based menu and invited us over to check it out.  We donned our finest tuxedo t-shirts and headed along for a fine feed.

TBF the menu isn’t actually too pricey considering and featured three vg choices for each course.

To start, I went full blown vegan and ordered the Hummus with Carrots and Grilled Pitta. It’s probably not the best place to start as, y’know, it was pitta and hummus.

Ludz, on the other hand, had the Red Lentil Soup with Dried Cranberries & Coriander Cress which was absolutely incred. It was so flavourful it actually reminded me of a chicken soup. (nb: this is based on a 20 year old memory!)

Round two and on my plate was Chickpea Panisse Macerated Raisins, Tomato, Relish & Plum Wine Tomatoes. For those not familiar with the delicacy of Panisse (myself included prior to a sneaky under-the-table google) it’s a fried, chickpea flour cake from the south of France. Merveilleux! The panisses had a nice, potato-like texture and went well with the tomato wet.

Ludz chose the Curried Coconut Quinoa Fine Beans & Roasted Cauliflower and. WOW. It. Was. THE ONE. I know, I know, quinoa is sort of predictable as a vegan option but the flavour punch in the face was gloriously unexpected. Ludz had to keep batting away my fork as I shamelessly thieved the goodness.   

Dessert time! I was about to die of fullness but our waiter highly recommended the Chia Seed & Chocolate Pudding Smoked Almonds, Cocoa Nibs an true to his word it was pretty killer

Ludz looked the fullest I’ve ever seen him but got his face in the Cardamom Rice Pudding Spiced Poached Pear and batted the whole lot. It was a spicy winter warmer, perfect for this rotter weather.

Town House was warming, welcoming and the waiting team were super attentive and cared about our vegan needs. We sat in cushioned chairs next to a flickering fire and almost indulged in food coma induced urban nap. 

Hopefully they’ll extend the menu past November! Check out the Town House site for deets!


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