DV x Lost Boys Pizza. London, UK 🇬🇧

Lost Boys Pizza may be London’s first vampire pizzeria but it sure as hell doesn’t suck…

There are options for omnis/veggies and vegans so it’s a good compromise for a mixed group. I headed along to their Archway lair, with fellow Geordies Simo and Melissa, to sink our teeth into their vegan pizzas… but first, cocktails!

We went for a Pineapple and Sage Daiquiri, a Lychee and Grapefruit Sling and a Necroni. The Pineapple and Sage number was defs my fave!

Next up we had our first taste of the Lost Boys darkly delightful charcoal dough in the form of their Black Doughballs with Bloody Good Ragu. I don’t think I’ve ever had such light and airy dough! These babies were a joy to eat!

There are two vegan pizzas on the menu so we opted to share both. Kale All Vampires – Kale, Cherry Tomatoes, Caramelised Shallots, Lemon Zest, Oregano, Nutritional Yeast.

The Coffin Dodger – Broccoli, Artichokes, Pickled Mushrooms, Rocket, Nutritional Yeast.

Vegan Cheese on Pizza has definitely come a long way recently, but I honestly didn’t miss it on these two pizzas. Both were packed with flavour and featured the same light charcoal dough as the doughballs. We were split on our favourite but both were damn delicious.

As if we had any room for desert… we shared a Vegan Almond and Date Brownie with Ice Cream.

You could definitely taste the dates making it a bit more health decadent which was probably for the best considering the amount of food we’d just consumed.

I definitely recommend checking this place out for the food, cocktails and banging 80’s soundtrack (mental note: need to ask for their playlist!). It might not be totally vegan but a lot of love and development goes into their plant based offerings.

They now have a second venue in Camden. Check out their website for more deets!


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