DV x Junk Street Vegan Eats, Bexhill 🇬🇧

Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside, so when Junk Street Vegan Eats invited us to Bexhill to check out their vegan junk pop up, we dug out our buckets and spades and prepared to flee to the sea.

We’d planned a nice romantic costal getaway, but, you know, life is sometimes an interfering little rotter… We’d booked a fancy hotel room in Hastings and planned to fill our boots with tasty junk before strolling to our hotel along the beach at sunset…

On the day, Ludz caught some form of brutal stomach bug and had to miss out on the whole thing. I’d even bought him two Greggs sausage rolls for train breakfast which resulted in me eating four myself (was devastated about this as you can imagine).

Thankfully, the train trip down was scenic plus the guys at Junk Street were super friendly and soothed my disappointment with glorious deliciousness.

They’d just had a crazy rush on, so a few bits were off the menu. Annoyingly, I’d also started to feel the sickness creeping in so I couldn’t eat as much as I’d have liked, but I went for:

Cheese Burger – Smokey Black Bean Burger with Cheese & Salad (They also whacked in some ‘Meaty’ Bits and Crispy Onion because, why not!)

Loaded Meaty Nachos – Tortilla Chips with Shredded ‘Meaty’ Bits , Spring Onion, Crispy Onions and Cheese.

The burger was a big tasty tower (and an absolute nightmare to eat in any sort of respectable fashion as any good burger should be!). The nachos were piled with amazing fake meat and pops of flavour came from the cheese and onions.

Word on the street is that their waffles are mighty fine but I was way too stuffed to wade into a dessert situation.

I hung out with the guys for a while, got the tea on their future plans and drooled over sweet memories of Vegan Junk Food Bar. 

If you’re in the Bexhill/Hastings/Surrounding area – lucky you! – definitely keep your spies on their social for upcoming Junk Street Vegan Eats pop ups!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Paolo says:

    Looks awesome. Hope you and Ludz feel better soon.

    1. It was pretty tasty! Thank you, we’re getting there 🙂

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