Did An Eat: Asher’s Supper Club – Americana Veganarama. Earlsfield πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

Last Friday, I attempted to power through a cold (pretty unsuccessfully I should add) for a night of clubbing… Supper Clubbing that is. C’mon, I’m over 30…

Followers of the DV Insta may remember me posting about Asher’s incredible Twisted British Classics Supper Club, well, this time the stars and stripes were out for an Americana Veganarama dining experience! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

The setting was the super cute fairy light adorned St Andrew’s Church in Earlsfield. Multiple courses of off the chain American Diner classics were offered alongside a tasty welcome cocktail.

I’d raved about the previous supper club so much that Ludz decided to join the fun alongside veterans Simo and Melissa.

After an Orange and Mint Julep fizz and a handful of Salt and Pepper Pretzels, out came the starters…

Chilled Sweetcorn Chowder with Apple & Green Chilli Salsa.

I glanced at Ludz and caught a look of fear, I assume brought on but the prospect of chilled soup. The terror was short lived, as we all dived in and our tastebuds danced like synchronised swimmers on crack.

Next up, ‘Wings + Ribs’ – Cauliflower Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dressing and Fermented Celery.

Plus, Chargrilled Mushrooms in Smokey Cola BBQ Sauce.

We unanimously decided that the Cauli wings were hands down the best vegan wings we’ve ever had the pleasure of putting in our mouths. Ludz had a serious lusty moment over the flavours. The blue cheese sauce was on point and the fermented celery (although it sounds gross) was a damn joy. That Smokey BBQ sauce on the shrooms… Sweet home Alabama! It brought tears to my eyes!

To cleanse the palette – a Root Beer & Coffee Float – Mocha Cream with Root Beer Granita.

Totally refreshing, nice coffee/chocolatey hit and the palette was cleansed to perfection!

The main course was Sloppy Joes – Bacon & Cheese “Open Joes” on Herby Green Waffles with Home-Made Pickles and JalapeΓ±os. French Fries (not pictured) with “Secret” Seasoning, Gem Salad, Ranch Dressing and Chives. (also, not pictured SORRY I DROPPED THE BALL I WAS SICK!)

I loved the ‘sloppy’, I’m not even entirely sure what it was made from. Simo was totally digging the Bacon. The flavours all came together like a fine symphony.

The cherry on the top of this dining extravaganza was “Peanut Butter & Jelly” – Cherry Berry Pie with Boozy Peanut Ice Cream. (They were also nice enough to make Melissa a Caramel Ice Cream as she’d possibly do a die if she ate the nuts).

The Cherry Pie was full of comforting home made feels and the ice cream was some of the best I’ve ever had – vegan or dairy – (Probably because it had booze in it… ssh.)

Once again, I was stunned and so impressed from start to finish. Well, apart from the fact that at one point I thought Ludz was going to leave me for Cauliflower Wings…

I can’t recommend Asher’s Supper Clubs enough. As I’ve said before, the man is a damn culinary magician! Keep your eyes on his Insta for future events and DON’T MISS OUT!


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