DV x Poptata. Boxpark. London 🇬🇧

So it’s Saturday night, you’ve had ten too many, just slammed a line of tequilas and your impromptu table dance was a roaring success… you need dirty, dirty fries my friend.

Thankfully, the guys at Poptata had invited us down to their Boxpark location to sample their decked out street fries!

You can now customise your order with a tempting lil variety of vegan toppings and dips.

We went for the Parmesan Fries – Vegan Cheese, Vegan Pink Garlic Mayo and the Vegan Portobello – Vegan Cheese, Caramelised Onion and Mustard Mayo.

The Fries were super fresh and moreish, the Vegan Cheese was great and the Pink Garlic Mayo super tasty and, let’s face it, ‘grammable AF.



Other fries for the customise included: Lucifer Fries – Herbal Seasoning, Vegan Cheese, Hot shot Mayo, Cowboy Fries – Vegan BBQ sauce and Vegan Indian – Vegan Curry Ketchup.

For more info and other locations checkout the Poptata site.

Get ‘ em while they’re hot!



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